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I'm almost jealous--I'm sure the Harvard Law student would say, "Don't be."--at the brouhaha over the private email on the possibility that blacks are on average less intelligent than other racial groups. Hey, that's what the data says, get used to it.

The same date says whites aren't quite up to speed to East Asians. And Jews? Forgettaboutit. All that medieval oppression, as I once read from Ernest Van Den Haag, put severe pressures on weeding out their own Homer Simpsons.

But reading the sniveling, mean-spirited white liberals' reaction to it on gawker is all too familiar. Let's destroy her instead of looking at the issue. They are foul-mouthed hooligans.

So can I join in, having little prudence? Men are smarter than women. There. I said it.

So has Charlotte Allen; something like that:

The theory that women are the dumber sex -- or at least the sex that gets into more car accidents -- is amply supported by neurological and standardized-testing evidence. Men's and women's brains not only look different, but men's brains are bigger than women's (even adjusting for men's generally bigger body size). The important difference is in the parietal cortex, which is associated with space perception. Visuospatial skills, the capacity to rotate three-dimensional objects in the mind, at which men tend to excel over women, are in turn related to a capacity for abstract thinking and reasoning, the grounding for mathematics, science and philosophy. While the two sexes seem to have the same IQ on average (although even here, at least one recent study gives males a slight edge), there are proportionally more men than women at the extremes of very, very smart and very, very stupid.

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