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┬ĚPro-democracy leader and Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi is released from house arrest in Burma

That's the headline at So I wondered why libs haven't marched in lockstep in the military junta's namechange of their country to Myanmar. The libs did that when the Red Chinese notified us they wanted Peking called Beijing. I still like my Peking duck and Bombay gin, thank you very much.

So I go to a well-known website on foreign affairs and come up with Iran's phallus cemetery. All I can say is, Say What?

Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff

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An Austrian mother being charged for a Hate Crime for telling the truth about Islam. And she certainly is in a position to know. I wish I were making this up.
Stop acting like women, women. That seems the feeling of aged slut Erica Jong. It makes her feel guilty she was such an imperfect mother. Why can't you be slutty and narcissistic? She seems to be saying this when complaining about mothers who spend too much time with their young children.
What's going on with Brian D. Aitken should not be happening. If you read the link, you'll have trouble believing it. That a judge could act so arbitrarily and with such prejudice is a sad commentary on our times. And talk about anti-gun bias on the bench!

At first glance, this is a tremendous miscarriage of justice, something written by Albert Camus.

HT: NJ Coalition for Self-Defense

NY State acts similarly in disregarding the federal law, part of the Firearms Owners' Protection Act, that allows one to travel with a locked, unloaded firearm.

What we need to do to remind people of the distinction between unalienable rights, God-given that can't be bartered away without a tyranny being present, and alienable, which aren't so important. It's a safe bet to state the rights in the Bill of Rights are of the first kind. The Second Amendment is my conceal-carry permit. But that kind of thinking is going to get me in trouble some day. Progressives don't believe in natural rights the Founders did.
John Derbyshire, reviewing a book (scroll down to Math Corner) written by a mathematician many decades ago, comes across this beautiful line about the outbreak of World War I:

All the sensible and enlightened people said one thing, and all the damned fools said the other; and the damned fools were right.

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