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Rebel Banker, Thilo Sarrazin

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How can a German doctinaire left-winger of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) and director of the Bundesbank, write a best-selling book condemning the lack of assimilation of Moslems in Germany? I love when, at 8:30 or so of the video, he says, Das ist ein factum, "It is a fact."

He was talking, if my German is up to speed, of the truth of higher Jewish IQs. (He wants to import Jews from East Europe, rather than dimbulbs from elsewhere, esp. when they are Islamic.)

I guess you could call him the Charles Murray of Deutschland. Here's an excellent, lengthy background in English. Notice the elites from across the spectrum are in unison in condemnation, while sixty-one percent of Germans support what he's saying.

Talk about a disconnect!
People coming over here to retire and collect welfare in its various guises is a decades-long abuse. But now the economy is in rough shape and money is getting tighter all the time to pay for basic services. So Auntie Zeituni is a lightning rod.

It's still remarkable, though, to view how hard-hitting is the WBZ TV piece on her.

Be prepared, folks. They're coming. Don't say we haven't been warned. Jean Raspail did that with his thought-provoking and terribly politically incorrect book The Camp of the Saints.

What if a flotilla of a million malnourished or starving Indians wanted to come to the West? What would happen? They could easily use our own words to destroy us, our words of compassion, tolerance, and White Guilt.

Thoughts About Auntie Zeituni

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An interesting e-mail conversation with a co-worker prompted by the television interview with Obama's aunt, an illegal immigrant:

Cath: Ye Gods, did you hear that Auntie Zeituni said that America has an obligation to make her a citizen?

Yours Truly: Ayuh. I like that. "An obligation." Yeah. Right. Why should she merit special consideration? Or maybe she's been infected with the "It's owed to me because the bleeding heart politically correct Progressives say so" virus.

Cath: She said her American Dream has become her worst nightmare. Oh geez, my heart, she bleeds. Maybe she should go home then, eh?

Yours Truly: Funny, I don't remember my maternal grandparents ever saying their becoming American citizens was owed to them. They did it the old fashioned way: they earned it. Nothing was owed to them. Nothing.

Cath: Same here. I really don't understand why more legal immigrants aren't speaking out against these people. [A friend of mine] became a citizen for the sole purpose of voting against Bush and she doesn't understand why we hate immigrants (another one that doesn't make the distinction between legal and illegal).

Yours Truly: I've run across the same issue, where people seem to think that because I'm against illegal immigration that I'm against all immigration. I'm not. But you know how it is with the bleeding hearts - their logic discriminators were surgically or chemically removed sometime between birth and achieving adulthood (assuming they ever really reach it). Logic and rationality have no place in their thought processes, only emotion. (I think I've said this more than once: I don't know how many times I've had to interrupt some fount of progressive wisdom and state "I don't care what you feel about [place subject du jour here], I want to know what you think about it!" And the only response I usually get is "What's the difference?")

Need I say more?

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