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Somewhere in Connecticut--I'm thinking New Haven--is a video courtesy of UK's Daily Mail (broaching topics the cowardly U.S. media won't touch) of the shocking encounter that leads me to wonder if these bestial people can be made into productive, civilized members of society.

I've seen it before with footage of a security guard dealing with a feral woman--while her children and slack-jawed husband look on, even joining in on the taunts--and ultimately tasering her outside a mall in Atlanta.

I've read about feral packs of young black males in Portland, Ore., going after innocent passengers. 

The question is: In what sense are these people like you and me when they are willing to engage in such behavior that's more animal than human? We are growing and sustaining our Underclass. 

I remember a baseball-wielding, no-nonsense, "I call them as I see them" principal named Joe Clark who was able to turn around a chaotic zoo of a school. But the NYT called him an "unguided missile." But that bat beat down the savagery that is prevalent in many of our cities.

And for my brother's Georgetown wedding two years ago I understood why a uniformed police officer stood next to the ATM machine on Dupont Circle _all day_. You won't see that in NH. Not yet, anyway.
Testing, testing, 1,2,3. Blindsided him with a punch, an unfortunate Pittsburgh, Penn., teacher suffers a savage attack and crumples headfirst to the pavement. The thug and his cohorts do a happy skip and jump. Apparently, punching the lights out of white people is quite humorous.

A fellow high school English teacher like I am, I am wishing a speedy recovery for Jim Addlespurger. It is fortunate hitting his head like that didn't do more serious harm.

In hindsight, I guess the mistake the 50-year-old teacher made, besides being in the wrong place at the wrong time, was in not turning around and heading the other way when the pack of five or six young black males--and this word perfectly fits--shambled their way towards him in an alleyway.

Just watch the video. The level of savagery is appalling.
article-2203544-1505C2F5000005DC-68_634x354.jpgIf it weren't for the UK's Daily Mail, I never would have heard about this horrible Ohio case. The ongoing spate of black-on-white assaults and murders is deliberately covered up by the national media. Only occasionally do situations get coverage. Dr. Thomas Sowell has recently written a column about it, "The Censored Race War." However, his fear about the possibility of a violent white backlash some day in response, sort of a pent-up demand for justice, is highly unlikely.

Why a young woman with two small children would commence a relationship with a recently released convict? And the disgustingly light sentence of involuntary manslaughter this convict had earlier received for another murder in 1997, when he bound 18-year-old Misty Keckler's hands behind her back, strangled her, and submerged her in a bathtub full of water is a Theordore Dreiser An American Tragedy-type clarion call what's wrong with today's society. And Curtis Clinton's feeble explanation of sexual games gone awry never should have been given a moment's consideration in a despicable plea bargain.

The maximum sentence for first-degree felony is only ten years, thanks to the 1994 Truth in Sentencing Law? That's shocking, considering serious crimes often do get plea bargained from murder to manslaughter. That's according to Rick Decker of Toledo, a Facebook commenter for the linked story above. And this Curtis Clinton animal stayed in longer for misbehavior, when he misbehaved by biting an officer's hand. Yet, after 13 years he gets out and promptly is alleged to have raped a woman, killed another woman, and strangled two small children in a shocking way that Shakespeare describes with the two young princes in Richard III.

Obviously, mistakes were made with this animal. But not just by the criminal justice system. What was the young lady thinking? We had a similar situation in Wolfeboro, where a mother of five was stabbed to death on Mother's Day in 2009. The first murder in that picturesque town since 1961. The police have so far made no arrests, made no public signs that the crime has been solved.

Could it be that the mother had a restraining order on her ex-husband, was simultaneously dating several men, two of whom got in a fistfight the night before the murder, and she was stabbed multiple times in the early morning hours only to be discovered by her children in their pajamas? Do women know the power of sexual jealousy? Have they lost their minds?  As Shelley Rubin writes:

Drinking. Clubbing. Picking up strangers at bars. Trusting that being single and independent confers on them a mantle of indestructibility. All young. All female. All encouraged to believe that they were immortal, with far too few parents reminding them that they are not.

It--"The Talk"--got him dismissed as a writer for National Review. But then again that mag has declined in significance for being less truthful and incisive about race and immigration than it used to be.

An unfortunate story has come out of Doc River's hometown of Maywood, a gang-ridden suburb of Chicago with 26,000 people (20 murders there in 2003, three more than for all of NH), which has seen a severe increase in crime. The demographics have also gone from largely blue-collar white to nearly 75 percent black, as reported n the 2010 census.

The sad anecdote that reveals a lot is in England's Daily Mail, where I chiefly go to find out what is happening in my country, though this time local coverage provides more info.

An off-duty cop on a motorcycle late on a Saturday night is traveling. A four-year-old girl, obviously not properly supervised after 10 pm and imprudently let out with an 18-year-old male cousin to a chicken restaurant across the street, darts out into traffic, not anywhere near a crosswalk, in a way that makes it impossible for the man on the motorcycle, an eight-year veteran with the Chicago police, to avoid striking both the little girl and her cousin.

The cop does everything he can to avoid injuring the people, though, sustaining injuries to himself, by leaping from the bike so it goes on its side. But the girl & cousin are still struck, though the injuries to both are minor--the abrasions on the girl's face turn out to be more painful than life threatening.

That's when an ugly situation gets uglier.

Guns Thwart Crime?

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Yep, though this Freep story likely leaves out relevant facts to demonstrate this proposition. (I agree with some of the commenters.) Remember John Lott's book, More Gun, Less Crime. I own the new third edition. 
DC, although it's now majority white, has a crime problem. And robberies with a gun are up 19 percent from last year (fifth para. from bottom), notwithstanding the draconian gun prohibitions  in the District. I don't think even a cop from another place can conceal carry.

Before a PC nitnick gets offended by my statements, let me explain. Or, better yet, let Pat Buchanan do it. Violent criminal activity where a gun is an accessory is overwhelmingly a black and brown problem, which explains why the crime rate in the most monochromatic areas--places like Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire--have only a fraction of the violent crime rate compared to the national average. Check here:

The crime rate for violent crime in Maine for 2008 was one offense per 1,000 population compared to the national average of 4.7 per 1,000 for 2007.
You're likely only to see an off-duty Secret Service member walking around armed when not on duty, except for on-duty police. Except for the bad guys. They seem to find a way.
Genocide against the white farmers in South Africa--the ANC taking the cue provided by Robert Mugabe's murderous and disastrous regime in nearby Zimbabwe--is amping up. It's already happening.

Rhodesia, the former name of Zimbabwe, used to be the bread basket of southern Africa. But Mugabe has engaged in the racist practice of targeting white farmers, who tend to have the most productive and largest farms, and giving the land away to supporters of his who lack the skills and resources to continue the work.

So the shelves have been bare and the hyper inflation has been solved by using the U.S. dollar as the currency.

I remember in 1984 going to Hanover, where Dartmouth College is located, and seeing all these shanties built on the village green, in violation of school rules, to protest apartheid.

It was the equivalent of driving a Chevy Volt today: one knew he was among the anointed by engaging in such activity.

But now that the criminal polygamous South African president Jacob Zuma gets away with singing notorious "kill whitey" songs to jubilant racist black mobs, the movement to protest injustice has become thirty-year-old newscopy. No story here, folks. Just white people living in fear, having to hire private gangs for protection in an increasingly lawless place.

One of the options for a new car in South Africa, which has been around for fifteen years, is the flame thrower defense. Astonishing! Bend down as if you're going to reach for your wallet in the widespread practice of car muggings, and depress the button for the flames to be fired off both sides of the vehicle.

Homework, gentle readers: read J.M. Coetzee's Disgrace. Coetzee, one of the most important living authors, has wisely emigrated to Australia.
The Manchester, Conn., beer and beverage distributor shooting in Aug. 2012 by Omar Thornton, a black man being fired for video evidence of his repeated thefts, is being left out of the litany of other recent mass shootings in the newspapers I've read in the wake of the horrific Aurora, Colorado, shooting. Must not fit the narrative or something.

Nine died, but the six killed during what is known as the Tucson "Gabby Giffords" shooting around the same time (five months later) received many times the publicity. Who decides these things?

Shareef Allman? No one remembers this shooting in which six died in Cupertino, Calif.There's a reason Steve Sailer calls him Omar Thornton II.

Life is precious, people. Act like it by getting your CCW and being armed where you legally can do so. And, yes, I usu. go to the movies armed--but I avoid big crowds like the plague.
This is funny. A guy wants to capture the raccoon who is raiding his trash in St. Louis, Missouri, but the camera records criminals in the act.


Detroit Goin' Dark?

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The implosion of Detroit continues, with the city taking more actions to cut its costs even as revenues decline and more people leave the city seeking greener pastures. Their latest action: shutting off and/or removing half the street lights in the city. That ought to help the crime rate in the city...go up.

Detroit, whose 139 square miles contain 60 percent fewer residents than in 1950, will try to nudge them into a smaller living space by eliminating almost half its streetlights.

As it is, 40 percent of the 88,000 streetlights are broken and the city, whose finances are to be overseen by an appointed board, can't afford to fix them. Mayor Dave Bing's plan would create an authority to borrow $160 million to upgrade and reduce the number of streetlights to 46,000. Maintenance would be contracted out, saving the city $10 million a year.

When you have block after block of abandoned commercial buildings and homes, it makes no sense to waste money lighting streets where no one (except squatters) live. Of course many of those buildings and homes wouldn't be abandoned if decades of Progressive leadership hadn't driven the city into these dire straits. The city is a perfect example of the Thatcher Axiom: "The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money." That certainly fits Detroit to a 'T'.

Detroit's dwindling income and property-tax revenue have required residents to endure unreliable buses and strained police services throughout the city. Because streetlights are basic to urban life, deciding what areas to illuminate will reshape the city, said Kirk Cheyfitz, co-founder of a project called Detroit143 -- named for the 139 square miles of land, plus water -- that publicizes neighborhood issues.


Meantime, [Detroit Chief Operating Officer Chris] Brown said, the city will fix broken streetlights in certain places even as it discontinues such services as street and sidewalk repairs in "distressed" areas -- those with a high degree of blight and little or no commercial activity.

As Glenn Reynolds stated in his link to the story, it's like something right out of Atlas Shrugged or I Will Fear No Evil.

Is Obama A Fascist?

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The WP Dad forwarded this to me, an e-mail he wrote to the pastor of our local church. To say my father and the pastor do not see eye to eye politically would not be an untruth by any means. However it is illustrative of the chasm that can exist between friends, at least when it comes to politics.

I cannot say with any certainty how much history the pastor has studied, remembers, or understands. But it appears to me that he does have blind spots when it comes to the actions of those who do not hold freedom dear and would prefer to run things, even if it means killing millions in order to enforce their will.

This e-mail has not been changed other than some formatting and corrections made to some typos.

I apologize for labeling Pres Obama as a Fascist. I should have done that only after presenting arguments that satisfy me that he deserves the label. I have listed below a variety of reasons I have for believing he is a socialist and will become a Fascist.

1. The President's major political asset is his charisma. Polls show that more often than not voters disapprove of his policies, yet he has a high personal approval rating. His accomplishments are meager other than getting elected. Even there his foray into local Chicago politics succeeded because his opponents for the nomination were mistakenly omitted from the ballot.

2. His cabinet appointments have been disappointing. I think that Eric Holder's major accomplishment has been to shield the President. Prior to his appointment his only noted achievement was to obtain a pardon for a major donor who had fled the country after conviction. He slipped the pardon into the list of Pres. Clinton's last day pardons as if it had been vetted and approved in the normal manner by the justice department. His appointee to the Energy Department, as late as two weeks ago was that it was necessary to drive up fossil fuel costs to make green energy more attractive.

3. Assistant Cabinet members require approval from the Senate. Rather than follow the Constitutional requirement, The Pres. appointed numerous Czars who became de facto Assistants without approval. We got ideologues who were avowed communists or revolutionaries.

4. Under Pres. Obama's stewardship, the nation is being reshaped into a secular society. There has been an increasing effort to drive religion from our society. Witness eliminating prayer from our schools, removal of any religious overtones (like the Ten Commandments) from public buildings. Morality is officially suspect, to be replaced by legality and regulation. Each year we add multiple thousands of pages of regulations to control behavior and Congress feels they have accomplished nothing if they haven't passed batches of laws. Is all of this to replace what was once accepted as morals and ethics.

It is documented that those that call themselves liberals do far less charitable work and give far less to charity. I suppose if Government is responsible for the welfare of every individual, then I have met my obligation to my fellow man if I simply pay my taxes That looks to me as an inducement to accept socialism. Socialism always fails because as Margret Thatcher said, "Eventually you run out of other people's money." When Socialism fails the most common result is despotism.

5. Charismatic leaders tend to have cadres of militant supporters. Cuba and Venezuela, Castro and Chavez have co-opted their armies. Mussolini, Hitler and Lenin/Stalin had Brown Shirts, Black Shirts, and Red Shirts. Pres. Obama has Purple Shirted goons. How else would you identify the mobs of union members who descended on Wisconsin in an attempt to over throw the duly elected Governor. They claim that the Tea Party is violent and racist. Not as violent as the Purple Shirts.

6. Pres. Obama and his administration have diligently worked to expand their natural base. We are reaching a point where too great a portion of the voting populace either work for or are married to someone working for a government. Their unions negotiate for improved pay and perks. On the other side of the bargaining table are the unborn generations who will have to pay the wages and perks "someday".

Another huge constituency are the poor. If we are in danger of running out of poor people we simply change the threshold. Of course we have always had a very mobile society. Thomas Sowell had a very revealing essay about mobility. Many of those who are poor were wealthy less than a decade ago. Many recent graduates from high schools and universities are poor until they get work and earn promotions. Many of the wealthy are recipients of one time windfalls and they won't be wealthy ten years from now.

Once you start subsidizing poverty you get more poverty. Much of what we give the poor is not counted as income - food stamps, rent subsidies, unemployment is counted. I've often wondered how many of those who collected unemployment for the full ninety-nine weeks had a working spouse and the unemployment benefit amounts to wages for staying home and being a house husband/wife.

7. The stimulus package was going to 'kick start' projects that were 'shovel ready', but a very large portion of the money went to state and local governments to cover their shortfalls. Instead of shrinking payrolls, these government employees were shielded while productive workers in private employment were laid off or downsized. In particular the stimulus money went to Unions, specifically the teacher's and autoworkers unions. In the case of both Chrysler and GM the bond holders who were legally entitled to protection got cents on the dollar and were not allowed to reorganize the companies. I don't understand why there weren't lawsuits. By the way, it is my contention that the UAW created the Asian and European invasion of our market. Every increase in productivity went to overpaid employees and never to the consumer. Eventually prices for domestic cars were so high that they created a spacious umbrella for competitors to emerge.

There was a time when our technology improvements helped us to protect our markets. The unions couldn't organize the Asian companies, but technology is easily exported. It was thought that the Asian workers were not capable of utilizing our technology, but in reality the 'worker bees' were better educated and better motivated than our domestic scholars.

8. The President has been decrying the Do Nothing Congress, but it is the Democrat controlled Senate that is doing nothing. Pres. Obama is complaining that the days of cooperation and compromise have gone away. In those good old days there was a fair consensus about where the country should go and the compromise was about the best way to get there. Today, there are two opposing ideas about where to go. One side says a democratic capitalist society has served us well and the opposing side says the wave of the future is European style socialism. Compromise is seen by both sides as surrender. Progress will hinge on the will of the people. Even if Pres. Obama is reelected, I'm betting that the Tea party will control both houses.

9. Education has been in decline for decades. The only country that spends more per pupil is Switzerland, but the U.S. has continually slipped in the hard sciences. I believe the Universities have become the home of Lenin's 'useful fools' Government subsidized Universities and tuition increases matched the subsidies. Government began to guarantee student loans and in response to fairness dicta Universities began admitting unqualified student and the dumbing down curricula. Lots of students took gut courses and many flunked out. When these ungraduated student began reneging on the loans, government made student loans ineligible for bankruptcy. One drag on the housing industry has been the large numbers of graduates who owe so much that they are not able to get mortgages. They move in with Mom and Dad, don't get married but they do have children. The government subsidizes unwed mothers.

We castigate greedy Wall Street, but Wall Street can't hold a candle to institutes of higher learning. Too many classes are taught by itinerant instructors that move from campus to campus teaching for meager wages without benefits, while professors retire handsomely. There was a recent article by a retired Sociology professor that recounted his perceptions. There are excessive classrooms and laboratories because neither students nor professors want to start work before 9:00 or work after 3:00, The facilities are less than 50% utilized. Administration used to account for about 20% of payroll and today it is closer to 50%. Part of the reason for this is the excessive regulations impose by government.

Colleges aren't the only culprits. Public schools are also overloaded with administrators. My speculation is that teachers who fail in the class room can't be fired, so to protect the students the under-performing teacher become part of the administration.

In the meantime 'shop' has virtually disappeared from high schools. We now have VoTech. Let me tell you of a recent family experience. One of my grandsons had perception problem that made book learning very difficult, but he was good with mechanical tasks, particularly small engines. He was denied access to a Vocational school because the classes he wanted were over-subscribed by college bound kids that wanted easy courses to improve their GPA. Naturally we now have a shortage of skilled mechanics, carpenters, electricians and plumbers. My son has a neighbor that drives his high school kids around Concord and points out the best houses. He tells them that is where my plumber lives...

Goodness gracious. That certainly enough and I really want to go to bed. I have to add, I am slightly optimistic about the future. Life is going to be difficult for a while but the nation will survive even if Obama is reelected.

You should have fled to Peru, your mother's home country, when you had the chance, George.

The cops who investigated the shooting death of Trayvon Martin didn't even conclude the evidence warranted manslaughter. Witnesses corroborated your testimony. The district attorney general's office believed it could not meet the burden of proof.

Now you're being charged by a politically minded special prosecutor interloper with second degree murder. Second. Degree. Murder.
It's here, for anyone interested. I did it on the fly while visiting a local library during my lunch break last Wednesday, and I wasn't entirely sure how it turned out. As my wife warns me, it's dangerous to do things on the fly.

It's a good thing she doesn't know how much I do that way.

But the evidence is conclusive of the utter corruption of the corrupt media in reporting this incident. Some things are so obvious it's difficult to notice. And I don't know how Zimmerman would be able to receive a fair trial if it came to that.
He writes in a superb FoxNews piece that he has done the only study of the Castle Docrtine's effectiveness:

I have conducted the only published, refereed academic study on these laws, and I found that states adopting "Castle doctrine" laws reduced murder rates by 9 percent and overall violent crime by 8 percent.
I'm getting tired of the whiny police chiefs of NH joining with Gov. John Lynch, in thwarting the rising tide of gun freedom. Richard Crate, the chief of Enfield, is particularly odious, as he pushed in 2007 to vastly reduce NH's liberty in making the state "may-issue" rather than a "shall-issue" for concealed carry. He was on NHPR's The Exchange again recently discussing Stand Your Ground. (And the chief came from Vermont which is a "no-issue" state. Anyone can carry concealed there, baring a felony conviction.)
We live in a world where newspaper circulations are tepid at best. They occasionally spread lies that can easily be fact-checked thanks to the internet.

I can understand the liberal sentiment in the Concord Monitor editorial--which uses the well-publicized Trayvon Martin shooting to advance an ancillary point: tilting against the Castle Doctrine--but it persists in getting its facts wrong.

The castle doctrine is the common sense notion that an individual doesn't have a duty to make a reasonable effort to retreat when facing deadly force in an area where he has a legal right to be without first himself responding with deadly force. Over half U.S. states have it. It puts the burden of proof where it belongs, on the bad guy.

But in its deceitful description of the Florida shooting the Monitor shows its liberal colors. Describing the encounter where the evidence points to (an apparently politically liberal) Zimmerman being attacked, knocked to the pavement by an unexpected blow, with the 6'-6' 2" perpetrator on top of a 5' 8-9" Zimmerman and slamming his head against the concrete, with Zimmerman screaming, "Help!" as...WAIT FOR IT..."a wrestling-match scuffle," third paragraph, is simply deceptive journalism.

I know what a wrestling-match encounter is, having wrestled competitively from junior high in Okemos, Michigan, through to intramurals at West Point, where I was pinned in a match by a former NJ state champion, the memory of which still galls.

But what would the liberal rag call an assault? Something like happened to the black knight in Monty Python?
There has been complete media saturation of Gabrielle Giffords and the mass shooting by a deranged individual that the Slime Lib Media tried its best to turn into a political vendetta against talk radio. Also of the Trayvon Martin "No Limit Nigga" in which a white guy shot down an innocent youth in cold blood for no reason at all.

The responding cop on the scene, however, has provided corroboration of Jorge Martin's allegation--exactly what was in the police report that was released a week ago. Hello, anyone home ABC News, et al?

But the story that has been buried like the burning man in Keene is Omar Thornton who, again, killed eight innocents in Aug. 2010 after video had conclusively shown him stealing beer from the distributor he worked for in Manchester, Connecticut. Google News has just one hit on the fairly recent story.

Do your homework, boy and girls. And in response to Gabby Giffords all sorts of precautions have been put in place for the pols meeting the hayseeds. Remember going to see the dreadful Carol Shea-Porter inside a federal building in which everyone had to first proceed through the metal detector? But the Teamster warehouse--exactly like the one I work for in Laconia--was and is a gun-free zone. An employee will be terminated for bringing a firearm onto the company parking lot, even if it were locked away in a lock box inside a locked car.

The inalienable right to self-protection the Teamsters don't recognize.

Any policy changes since Omar Thornton? Who's he?
According to Pat Buchanan's latest book, using FBI crime statistics, blacks are much more likely to commit crimes against whites than vice versa. His latest column references Heather MacDonald's piece that I have repeated done that 98 percent of all gun assaults in NYC are done by blacks or hispanics. (Liberals are up in arms  that 67 percent of all stop and frisks are done on the same groups.)

Here's an example of a terrible black-on-white crime that, if the races had been reversed, would have been national news.

A man in North Carolina leaves an Applebee's late at night when he is accosted by a group of blacks who call him a "tree honkey." Funny, that.

When he asked for a clarification, he was brutally attacked. Here, see for yourself. Isn't it reasonable to ask why some interracial stories become national stories and some don't?

Let me be as frank as I think I need to be: It's open season on whitey. If the usual script isn't followed, and a white is described as attacking or killing a black, then Matt  Lauer will be all over it.

It's one of the reasons I don't get my news from the TV. It's astonishing what doesn't get national play. And I'm supposed to sit back and pretend it's not happening? Because most people have been conditioned by liberal TV and liberal schooling and liberal Hollywood?

I don't think so. Some of us are still individualists, not amenable to be liberal.  I've lived in some of these hellholes where the racism of blacks against whites was a jaw-dropping phenomena.

Here's an example from the family lore.
The cultural significance of the media's despicable coverage, saturated with the racial politics of the Left, cannot be overstated.

I congratulate blogger OneSTDV for laying it out in its unvarnished ugliness.

The question that needs to be asked is this: How can this anti-white liberalism be combated? The escalation of the deceit--notice the games the media has played with the photos--means that Yankee shyness of sensitive, even troubling racial topics can no longer be avoided.

The war, if there is one, can be more accurately described in ways diametrically opposite what the Shallow Stream Media would have you believe.

As a side note, the crime rate of the 260-unit complex is certainly noteworthy. Taking a stand against thuggery is as American as baseball.

The next thug may think twice about his deviant behavior if more virile and vigorous men acted like George Zimmerman. EDIT: Assuming of course that the recently reported injuries of George Zimmerman--a broken nose and bruising on the back of his head--consistent with Zimmerman's being vigorously attacked and legitimately fearing for his well-being.
How is Democrats can claim to be the "friends of the working man" when legislation they pass make thousands of good paying jobs disappear? In this case the 16 Democrats in the Wisconsin Senate shot down a bill that would have brought over 3000 mining jobs to their state and given an economic boost to related businesses also located in their state.

How did these supposed "friends of the working man" justify killing this bill?

They did it at the behest of the public employee unions (SEIU, etc) because they wanted to make sure that Governor Scott Walker wouldn't get a 'win' that might make him even more popular with Wisconsin voters. So these corrupt public employee unions urged their bought-and-paid-for Senate puppets to sacrifice jobs their union brethren wanted and needed. The labor unions supported the bill, showing up to rally at the state house rotunda to plead their case. But their supposed public union allies shafted them all in order to 'get' Scott Walker.

With the failure of the bill, a new $1.5 billion (that's "billion" with a "b") iron ore mine operation disappeared as the owners of the company wishing to open the mine decided to take their money and their jobs and go someplace more inviting. Yet somehow the public employee unions see this as yet another win for their cause. These are the same folks whose bought-and-paid-for Democrats in the Wisconsin legislature have created an increasingly hostile business environment. Is it any wonder jobs have been leaving the state? You'd think these fools would learn the lessons of California, Illinois, and New Jersey and do everything they can to promote more business and jobs in their state.

If this isn't a good reason to bust the public employee unions then I don't know what is. This action shows the these unions are nothing more than corrupt influence peddling criminal organizations using taxpayer dollars to to bribe Democrats at all levels of government to ensure they maintain control of the public purse and their ever less sustainable benefits packages, and the taxpayers be damned. Perhaps a few RICO prosecutions might help break their hold on the legislature.
Some times great minds think alike.

In this case Gerard Vanderleun attacks one of the "insidiously deceptive lines of the socialist-liberal agenda" which is "Violence doesn't solve anything." As the story he links to states:

Pacifism is a sickness, an actual moral perversity, and dangerous when its effects spread to anyone else beside the pacifist. You may choose to walk to the cattle car, but damn you if you let your children be led up the ramp. You must never allow any group or government to steal your right to exercise armed lethal force in a just situation.

This is a subject I've covered in the past, showing the old leftist saw to be nothing more than a pipe dream.

Violence does solve things. It has ended brutal dictatorships, saved citizens from the predation of criminals, prevented injustices on a small and large scale, and prevented wars.

Perhaps the old saying needs to be modified. Instead, it should be "Violence never solves anything if it is used at the wrong time in the wrong place." Violence in and of itself solves nothing. It is the proper use of violence under the right circumstances that solves problems.


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