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The owner of a one time Chrysler dealership in the Laconia, New Hampshire area has let known his displeasure about the loss of his franchise as part of the restructuring of Chrysler Corporation after it was taken over by the government.

A former Chrysler dealership in the Lakes Region is closing up shop a year after the automaker's bankruptcy plan took effect -- and it's not going quietly.

Chrysler's bankruptcy plan included stripping its name from nearly 800 dealerships across the country -- including six in New Hampshire. It has been a struggle for many of the dealerships, and one in Belmont is closing its doors after 20 years.

The sign painted across the empty showroom windows expresses the owner's outrage.

"The sign says, 'This business is now closed because of Obama's economics.' I put that up there because it was his task force that closed -- or took away -- 789 franchises from small businesses," said Alan Silberberg, owner of Lakes Family Auto Center.
A number of successful and lucrative dealerships were forced to close their doors while lesser dealerships survived. It appears to many the selections of which dealerships to close were quite arbitrary and did not reflect the economic viability of those franchises. There have also been grumblings that some dealerships whose franchises were terminated were selected based upon their political leanings, with those owned by supporters of the GOP selected more often than those owned by Obama supporters.

Frankly, I believe it's because there were far more successful dealerships owned by Republicans than Democrats, so the burden fell more upon those franchisees in direct proportion to the balance between Republicans and Democrats...but I could be wrong.

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