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KN at Posse Incitatus--I'm a long-time reader--makes the analogy startlingly apt: Michael Bellisiles & gun control with anthropogenic climate change and the recently released "climategate" e-mails of Phil Jones. I'm impressed:

The question of climate change is, from a purely scientific perspective, a very difficult one to answer. The only way that we can even approach the truth is to take an open, collaborative attitude to research - basically we have to use the classical scientific method.

This method, where data is openly shared, where theories are constantly questioned - is what has allowed the Western world to make the quantum advances it has in less than a century. What the Climategate emails show is that the supporters of the globalwarmism are not interested in real science. Their agenda is too important.

They are driven by a moral certitude that is so overwhelming that it renders facts unimportant - it's bigger than such trifling considerations. There is also a "bunker mentality" at work. These people simply cannot handle the thought of being proved wrong. They must be right, they have to be right, they know they are right - so they believe they are permitted to use any means necessary to win the public debate.

What has been buzzing away in the blogosphere (It's my opinion most journalists are too lazy and intellectually incurious to even read Instapundit.) is treated at most as a very minor blip in the dinosaur media's coverage of climate change. CNN, for example, takes a very leisurely path to report the leaked e-mail news after only six days. Only to downplay it, of course.

Climate czar does her best Valley Girl imitation at Climategate: Whatever.
The Second and Third Amendments haven't been incorporated which, as I understand it not being a lawyer, means it's applicable to all levels of governance--federal, state, and local--not just to the first.

Heller was groundbreaking in breaking apart the liberal interpretation that had become increasingly precarious that the Second Amendment was a collective thing good only for state police powers or the National Guard, not an individual right. Liberals were hogwash.

We have gotten incorporation from an activist though now venerable interpretation of the Fourteenth Amendment--to include the provisions of the Bill of Rights (those of you who attended gubmit schools let me explain: the first ten amendments of the US Constitution). That's key.

At stake is the draconian gun ban in Chicago that's been stalwartly defended by such luminaries of Rod Blagojevich and Richard Daley. And it also is useful to the criminal element who find it such a drag when the people they are attempting to kill, rape, abduct, or steal from have the means at their disposal to fight back. Heller applied only to DC, which is federally administered and not (yet) a state. May it never become one.

Ah, the no-longer-forgotten Second Amendment, that inalienable right many of the states south of here hold is some degree of contempt. Yes, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut, I'm talking about you. Do you know I can travel through RI with a pistol in the car but I can't stop. Not even for a bathroom break? Then I'd be technically in violation of the law. It's nuts.

NYC? Total contempt. One can receive a license for concealed carry if one is a billionaire or a very big actor, e.g. Donald Trump or Robert Di Nero. The "little" people? Fuhgetaboutit. You're not worthy enough to be able to choose to defend yourself--just hope a cop is nearby when you need him.

He will eventually be there with a body bag, though. That's a guarantee.

Well, according to Cato Institute's Robert Levy in a podcast I listened to many moons ago incorporation is a "slam dunk." He was instrumental in pushing forward in what would become the famous Heller decision. DC had a total ban on handguns and guess where I saw more handguns before in my life in the hands of teenage boys? I lived there in 1990.

Here's the latest. Godspeed, Second Amendment. I can't live without you. Maybe the dangerous so-called "gun free zones" will become a thing of the past like mood rings.

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