Free To Abandon Everything Leaves One Poor

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Beth Houston's photo of a gay/lesbian pride fest, showing a proud father of his lesbian daughter, is a manifesto that the modern ethos of freedom being able for oneself to self-create or -author isn't all that it's cracked up to be. (Ms. Houston works for the radio station KGO in San Francisco, where this foolishness took place.)

Looking at the picture, with the young lady a bizarre syncretic mix of superhero with the ridiculous cape standing on the platform, prostitute with the fish net stockings, Che Guevara with the military-style leather belt, teenage girl with the gaudy sunglasses. What is one to think? At least she shaved her armpits.

Pope Benedict when he was Cardinal Ratzinger diagnosed the ills of this limitless freedom quite well in 1997.
Prudence, discretion, and good taste should never be disallowed as part of the equation. If one's pursuit of freedom nixes them, well, it's a pretty good indication that the individual is flailing around haplessly. It truly is, pace Cardinal Ratzinger, "a revolt against our creatureliness."

We do have a nature, you know.

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