Bailey O'Neill and Trayvon Martin

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Have you heard of Bailey O'Neill? Probably not. But three times the local tv coverage calls his ambush a fight, when it was something else entirely. More like a premeditated, racially motivated attack.

Has the President spoken of him? I don't know. But if he does, I doubt he'll do it with quite the empathy of when he spoke of "no limit nigga" Trayvon Martin looking like what his son would look like.

Meanwhile, a child is suspended for forming a Poptart in the shape of a gun. And over there--ah, boys will be boys--is a mere altercation, a fight. Bailey O'Neill's subsequent death a few weeks later may well be connected to this beating, which left him with a broken nose and a concussion. And all along, according to his father, he had wanted to walk away.

And the story? Gotta go to to read about it. The media is stalinist about such matters. In this country we've gone from owning slaves, brutally attacking Indian camps with women and children, and turning away Jews on the SS St. Louis to a whole other swing of the pendulum. It can't stay like this, can it?

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