The Key to the White Working Class

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As a white working class guy (WWCG) who happens to teach Greek and Shakespeare on the side, I have been a Teamster for going on thirteen years. During elections, not the last since the law was changed, I have been bombarded by left-wing leaflets by Da Union as I exited the building. It was really obnoxious.

Four years ago I was told that Barry Sotero, er, Barack Obama wasn't against guns. That seems funny now, after appointing determined Second Amendment annihilators to the Supreme Court and his reaction to the school shooting in Newtown, Conn., which would have made his intellectual mentor, Saul Alinsky, very proud. (I don't want to confuse him with another mentor, the guy who helped blow up buildings, Bill Ayers.)

In this fantastic exchange between Michael Coren, one of the best journalists around and who out-classed Rabbi Shmuley Boteach in a memorable exchange regarding the latter's book Kosher Jesus, and Peter Brimelow, who used to write cover stories for National Review when it was definitely worth reading, I gain three insights:

1) We are living in a gilded age of corruption. And the shallow stream media is a part of it. But it's a rickety structure, vastly rewarding a tiny minority.

2) A new political party will rise on the ashes of the largely worthless Republican Party--aside from a few Tea Party guys like Ted Cruz in Texas--and guns are the key. The white working class likes its guns. 

3) Pander to the white working class by not pandering, but by speaking the truth without apology. Such as amnesty for illegals will hurt them by lowering wages, increasing taxes and welfare rolls, and foster unemployment. So oppose it, G-dd-mn it. There'd be lots of free publicity, of the notorious kind, that WWCGs would actually support. That's where Enoch Powell comes in.

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