The Ignorant Voter Is the Democrats' Core Constituency

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The ignorant voter is the Democrat Party's core constituency is the argument in Harry Stein's 99 cent Kindle pamphlet, the length of a 25-page essay.

Read it for the description of Andrew Jackson's inauguration--the age of democracy unfortunately being ushered into this republic, a French idea, since the Founding Fathers loathed democracy even more than original sin and would have considered our democracy a mobocracy--which is a hoot. We have corrupted our American ideals to the point where voter irregularities are wide-spread. The franchise is largely meaningless.

I don't plan on voting again, in fact.

Could this be what Mr. Stein is talking about?

We don't have too little democracy, we have too much. My proposals are as follows: raise the voting age to 45 (a suggestion first made by Noah Webster, so I'm in good company), require a basic civics test to be passed, be a property owner. 

Mr. Stein mentions the mandatory voting card in Mexico. Very rigorous stuff that includes a fingerprint. Did you know about that?

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