Embracing Totalitarianism

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The parallels between president Roosevelt in the 1930s and Obama today are eerily similar, discusses the wonderful Diane West and Canadian broadcaster Michael Coren, who continues to impress, in this brief segment.

When Skip and Doug had their lively, animated talk show years ago, my favorite segment may have been when they interviewed Mrs. West on her last marvelous book, _The Death of the Grown-up_. Did you know that the word "teenager" was only invented about seventy-five years ago? Just one of the facts that makes one realize how immature and jejune people are.

Her latest book--scheduled to be released in four months--is sure to be controversial in its revisionist look at mainstream, even beloved historical American figures, and their dreadful inability to recognize the monster that Uncle Joe was.

I'm of course referring to Stalin, who killed even more people than Hitler.

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