Bright Moon on the Horizon

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I just picked up the Shih Tzu after his emasculation surgery. I was told he was the about the cutest one they've come across. Griffin is like a cat cuddling with us in bed, but a full-blooded dog on the trails. Really, the best of combinations.

I wonder why it's taken me so long to embrace the small dog.

The full moon tonight looks incredible, positioned low on the horizon in a unique way--I keep thinking it's my wife coming back with the kiddoes and friends from a Hooksett 3D movie and laser tag.

I'm on a 1980s flashback kick, wondering why The Outfield isn't remembered more. I loved them. Currently, I'm listening to this. Reportedly, they were bigger in the States than their native UK.

I'm wondering if renters should have Fourth Amendment privileges like home owners. Why not? Or as the Spanish speakers would say, Porque no?, but with that cool upside down question mark prefacing it. There's a case pending in Rochester, NY, that could clarify matters.

It's a wonder the Fourth Amendment is still alive at all, what with the insidious stop-and-frisks cops do to people, usually in cities. I was lead to believe probable cause was first needed.

My brother and his wife are in Morocco. One of the few places I'd like to visit. A sustainable monarchy, too. But his travels from his base in Moscow where he's a diplomat have been so varied and frenetic of late I'm beginning to wonder if it's all rather a bit unseemly. I thought of Ralph Waldo Emerson's essay "Self-Reliance," where travel is deprecated as "a fool's paradise." I'd certainly like to go to Israel. That's number one. If my brother beats me to it, I'll be chagrined. He's been to forty or more countries. At least. And doncha know in the category "great minds think alike," Gary North has similar sentiments just today as we both sit in our basement man caves.

I live where people should--and do--come to visit. As my beloved Outfield sang it, this--Red HIll hike tomorrow followed by a nap, synagogue/church, and Michigan State football--"My Paradise."

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