Judge Judy for Entitlement Czar?

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After re-watching this video--this time steam didn't come out of my ears but I did realize I was watching an Obama voter--prompted me to think that with the nail-biting negotiations with the President in the face of the so-called Fiscal Cliff, the dumb Republicans need a game-changer:  by highlighting the fact that too many worthless human beings are being lavishly funded by taxpayers. The sense of entitlement is not pleasant to behold. But Judge Judy, bless her heart, creates a line of questioning that the young man can't quite follow that should be put in a time capsule. Future generations will likely tell us that the welfare state is making the population dumber.

Like this guy having nine children with six women in Wisconsin. It's insanity to continue letting people have babies solely because the plumbing works. Norplant every female from 12 to whatever, religious exceptions granted but those same organizations would agree to in writing the financial burden of such children, and allow babies to be born to women who have, what?, I don't know. A checking account with over $500 in it? Something.

What can't continue, won't.

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