The American Electorate in 2012

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UPDATE: In light of recent events this needs to be re-posted, from five days ago. Larry Auster has reposted his as well.

We're doomed. I'm re-reading John Derbyshire's book. But you can see the demographics of the voters for yourself. Non-white people, esp. blacks, can vote in ways understood not by us but by Singapore's former leader Lee Kwan Yew.

Regardless of the outcome, writes Lawrence Auster, it's a sad day that we've come to this:

The fact that such a failed, irresponsible, unworthy, lying, leftist, anti-American president is in such a tight race against such a plausible and competent opponent, instead of facing the certainty of a Carter-type repudiation by the electorate, is a very sobering indicator of the state of our country. It confirms the view, held by some on the right, that America has already been transformed into a different country, a country in which blacks, Hispanic and other nonwhite immigrants, single women, and alienated white leftists--constituencies that hardly existed or were largely insignificant fifty years ago--now exercise virtual control over our politics and assure the county's ever more leftward course.

Therefore, even if the Republicans manage to pull out a victory this time, and in office slow down the country's leftist march somewhat, and in particular stop the imminent catastrophe of Obamacare, all of which I very much hope happens, America in the long run is still lost.

Just looking at my own family: Dad, retired salesman and Army Reserves officer, rabid Republican; Mom, divorced from Dad and had a lefty boyfriend, voting for Obama; sister, a top-flight executive with Bath & Body Works in Columbus, Ohio, and also divorced from her loser husband, likely Obama voter; brother, a dyed-in-the-wool liberal who is a diplomat serving in Moscow, definitely pulling for Obama; then me who thinks in ways liberals can't even understand or appreciate. Three to two Obama. My mom and sister may go the other way, but it's doubtful.

The birth rate for whites has plummeted with the economic downturn. We were never very good at having babies, anyway. It's long since the days that Teddy Roosevelt opined that it was the duty of every able-bodied woman to bear at least four children.

Well, my wife and I have done our part, Teddy.

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