A Constitutinal Convention?

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My good friend Dean Esmay thinks we need one. I disagree in no uncertain terms. What are your thoughts?

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And one of Obama's SCOTUS appointees can be our James Madison. They can make a white male's vote count for 3/4ths and an active military's at 1/8th. Magic Latinas would have their votes counted triple.

Bill of Rights? That's so Clarence Thomas. Does Dean remember the brouhah surrounding Thomas's belief in natural law? That's the idea enshrined in the Declaration that there are God-given inalienable rights. Liberals find this unacceptable today.

Just mentioning "nature's God" is enough to make one go in apoplexy.

It's the same reason ultra lefty Catholics want a Vatican III. They can do more damage.

And what about the Commerce Clause? Liberals have been able to stretch that so far the Silly Putty can be seen through.

The legal organizations that monitor Supreme Court nominations are left of center. The law schools, with a precious few exceptions, are left of center.

Dean Esmay is not thinking prudently.

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