Multiple Shooting in Wilwaukee Occurred in a Gun-Free Zone

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A barrier has been broken of sorts, according to John Lott, in the left-of-center Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's publishing information on the business in which an estranged husband shot and killed his wife, who had a restraining order on him, along with co-workers of hers: all done with a prominent sign on the front door reminding patrons and employees that concealed handguns are prohibited.

The shooter killed himself after shooting and killing three women and injuring four more.

Of course, Wisconsin, along with Illinois--oops, Scott Walker strikes again--are the two hold-outs in not allowing CCW. One of these days a gun free zone will be the issue of a class action lawsuit following one of these shootings.

Last year we had all that sturm und drang with the labor union protests. Yet, for the second year in a row, which I hear is a first in that state's history, $109 million has been diverted to the Wisconsin rainy day fun. This is the largest amount ever. Walker is the man.

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