Trayvon Martin Case: Anti-white Liberalism Truly Unhinged

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The cultural significance of the media's despicable coverage, saturated with the racial politics of the Left, cannot be overstated.

I congratulate blogger OneSTDV for laying it out in its unvarnished ugliness.

The question that needs to be asked is this: How can this anti-white liberalism be combated? The escalation of the deceit--notice the games the media has played with the photos--means that Yankee shyness of sensitive, even troubling racial topics can no longer be avoided.

The war, if there is one, can be more accurately described in ways diametrically opposite what the Shallow Stream Media would have you believe.

As a side note, the crime rate of the 260-unit complex is certainly noteworthy. Taking a stand against thuggery is as American as baseball.

The next thug may think twice about his deviant behavior if more virile and vigorous men acted like George Zimmerman. EDIT: Assuming of course that the recently reported injuries of George Zimmerman--a broken nose and bruising on the back of his head--consistent with Zimmerman's being vigorously attacked and legitimately fearing for his well-being.

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