Leftism in the Navy

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This year's four best sailors happen to be all female, notwithstanding the disproportionate percentage of males--something like 85 percent--serving in that branch. This is a first, like my West Point class of 1990 having Kristen Baker as Cadet Captain, the top position. She was, and is, impressive, but there probably was reverse discrimination going on then. And likely now.

While Lawrence Auster and others comment on those ubiquitous informal water bottles, I direct your attention that two of the four sailors--the bookends--can't even stand at attention properly, with heels together as is required. Is it the larger hips? This is perhaps a clue that what we have here is not the best of the best.

Don't get me started on the madness, absolute madness, of putting women in nuclear-powered subs. This was discussed in 1991 and '92 and thoroughly discountenanced then. The Navy has lost it.

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