Enough Already

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The Conn. mass murderer was fired from his job like anyone else would be. Steal from the company, and you're gone. Simple as that.

This racism charge is a convenient new way of saying that "my dog ate the homework." There comes a time when you have to perform just like everyone else.

BTW, I bet it was a gun free zone. At UPS, which is also a Teamster operation, we're not even allowed to have guns locked up in our cars in the parking lot.
Here's a Lucianne.com commentator on this story:

Reply 43 - Posted by: EnsignO'Toole, 8/5/2010 9:52:16 AM     (No. 6746585)

A few years ago, I hired a young black woman for a customer service position who seemed fun and energetic. She had an ego problem we didn't see at the time.

My office manager had to tell her multiple times to stay at her cubicle and take calls instead of going off to visit with other employees who were on their breaks. She became quite nasty with my office manager who wrote her up several times.

I got involved because I was the office manager's boss as well. We even got the owners involved. My recommendation was to fire her, but no, we had to give her another chance. After giving her many more chances than we had ever given other employeees, I told the owners that they must be afraid to fire a black employee. Oh no, no, she really does mean well, they said.

The last confrontation between her and my office manager was with her shouting: If the O.M. didn't stop with the write ups, "I'm going to go postal on you"!

I knew exactly what that meant.
Detroit area post offices had several incidents over the years of disgruntled employees shooting and/or killing other post office workers after they had received negative job evaluations, warnings, or firings.

Finally our gal was fired, but with her sense of entitlement and her hair-trigger temper, management was putting our other employees at risk.

Moral of the story, don't play around with employees who show aberrant behavior just because of Affirmative Action and what that involves - you could get somebody killed.

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