Christian Church: Stop Acting Like Traditional Christians

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This Corner entry by NH's Mark Steyn is a keeper, "The Suicide Bomb," including a discussion of the Anglican Church in Australia counseling its practitioners to have fewer children lest they despoil the environment.
The first rule for Jews, and a formerly functioning norm for Christians, has traditionally been the injunction in the book of Genesis (1:28) to go forth and multiply and subdue the earth. And there's Psalm 127, referring to children as a blessing from God.

That is now left, it clearly seems, to Muslims. The future is theirs. They're the ones having the babies.

I'm reminded that in the days of Teddy Roosevelt, when talk was of Anglo Saxon this and Anglo Saxon that, there was open condemnation for those "barren by choice." TR even said it was the duty of every able-bodied woman to bear at least four children. I don't know what he meant by able bodied, but my wife and I have complied.

For most people, four's too much. But three is not. People stop at two for many reasons. I think the most important is that it's a big shock going from one to two. But that doesn't apply when going from two to three to four or even beyond.

At a school functions where I teach for a conservative Catholic order recently in the news, family sizes easily range above six children. It's amazing to see how happy and well-adjusted they are! Older sisters, for example, often become surrogate mothers in keeping tabs on the smaller youngsters. That's the way it used to be.

Now in just a few decades the percentage of college-educated American women who will never have children has doubled. There are so many disturbing demographic signs, which Pat Buchanan admirably presented in his _Death of the West_, that no one bothers to attempt a refutation.

Now that religious bodies are following the sinkhole of practical atheism--which is the principal reason people don't want children, as I learned from Erik Kuehnelt-Leddihn--they're so d-mn expensive!--we appear pace John Derbyshire to be doomed. Yes, we are. The productive voluntarily limit their family size in part to pay the exorbitant taxation they're charged to pay (in part) for the improvident and thriftless, who don't take such a long-term view.

This was a basic understanding of yesteryear that's been forgotten under our bureaucratically enforced diversity and multiculturalist GroupThink. People who violate it get The Treatment.

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