On West Point--a Fallen Local Hero

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The WSJ's William McGurn writes an article praising Woo Poo, mentioning
Doug DiCenzo, the Plymouth, NH, native who was killed several years ago in Iraq from an improvised explosive device (IED). Make sure to read it.

HT: Hugh Hewitt

The new bridge in that town spanning the Pemigewasset River is named for him.
Hmm. I feel a strange almost eerie sense of kinship--only he's no doubt the better man. There for the grace of God could have been me. (I attended Woo Poo from '86 to '88.)

Both elected captain of our football and wrestling teams and on the short side and stocky, I was never president of my class, just secretary or something, and I got dropped from National Honor Society for scoring a substandard grade in physics my senior year. What a loss to lose a guy like this on our foolhardy and thankless Iraq Attack. Nature and nature's God sure don't make many Doug DiCenzoes, that's for sure.

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