Can This Be True?

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As I do physical manual labor at UPS about twenty hours a week, which I'm sure I'm being redundant in stating though it's been a godsend for the financial maintenance of my family, I listen to several podcasts faithfully, including BBC's NewsPod. Much better than anything comparable from NPR.

Well, I heard from one in late November that the UK police are compiling a DNA database of criminals and even anyone they investigate for criminal activity, regardless of the outcome. Gives me the creeps. But we are entering the age of biology.

But one datum was stated on the podcast: seventy-five percent of black men in Britain are on the registry. Can it be? I've heard this before. So I have googled it and come across an AP story of it.

Could anyone explain this without resorting to the tired liberal kneejerk of "racism is to blame"? Under the scientific rigor of Chan, I've been taught to practice Occam's razor: entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem, which should no doubt apply here.

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