The American People Are Speaking Out Against Obamacare

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As members of Congress hold town meetings about the heath care reform bill (HR3200), many of them are getting an earful from angry constituents, both Democrat and Republican. Some meetings became so raucous people attending them were removed by police or meetings were curtailed. In some cases union 'representatives' resorted to intimidation and even violence to silence critics of reform.

Even Speaker of the House Pelosi has been defaming American citizens who have been rightfully questioning the wisdom of the HR3200, portraying them as Nazis.

Here's around up of posts and reports covering town hall meeting confrontations, union thugs doing the bidding of their messiah, and a host of other events going on around the nation.


First, it appears our president thinks that those of us expressing our opinions about health care reform are nothing more than an angry mob. Well, Mr. President, you're half right. What we are is angry, and with good cause. You and your Democrat cronies in Congress treat us as if we're idiots, incapable of understanding legislation that affects our lives, or making our own decisions about anything in our lives. Most of "us" have a better handle on how the economy works, how your health care reform is nothing more than a naked power grab, and your push for cap-an-trade is merely another means to control the American populace through heavy taxes and restriction of energy sources.

If you want to see what Obama's "angry mob" looks like, here are some examples.

Seriously, to call the American people voicing their concerns an angry mob, particularly those that do not support the Obama agenda, is disingenuous. To see what an angry mob looks like all one needs to do is look at how the Left has done far worse, including breaking and entering, violence, and other intimidation tactics long before the "GOP directed angry mob" ever came into being.


Apparently the American people aren't buying Obama's line about how great health care will be once the health care reform bill is passed. When polls from NPR, the Wall Street Journal/NBC, the Washington Post, Gallup, and Pew all show Obama does not have the support of a majority of Americans, then health care reform is in trouble.


As mentioned before, many members of Congress are being called on the carpet by their constituents for their support of the odious health care reform bill.

First there's this from Little Rock, Arkansas, where two Democrat Congressmen were faced with a group of angry constituents, many whom mocked and derided them for their support of Obamacare.


In Mardela Springs, Maryland, people gathered at the local middle/high school to meet with their congressman. Despite claims made by about a vast GOP conspiracy to undermine health care reform, none of the people attending the town hall meeting were from anywhere except Mardela Springs. There were no "lobbyist-funded buses" offloading people (from wherever the GOP conspirators had found them) to fill the auditorium with 'ringers' to harass and ridicule the Congressman (a tactic used by the DNC and their affiliated organizations on more than one occasion). The only ones attending were folks living in the town.


Elsewhere in Maryland, Steny Hoyer got an earful from Democratic voters about Obamacare, and none of it was supportive.


An AARP meeting in Dallas, Texas didn't go all that well for AARP organizers when many of the attendees - AARP members - refused to applaud Democratic talking points about health care reform. Apparently the AARP members were having none of it, showing that just because they're retired doesn't mean they're stupid.


Senator Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) obviously doesn't understand that what's good for the goose is good for the gander. She apparently believes anti-health care reform Tea Party protesters are violating people's rights, but pro-Obama protesters are merely exercising their First Amendment rights. I guess she's another one of those that believes the First Amendment only applies to those that agree with the Left.


Apparently the town hall meeting in Tampa, Florida to discuss health care reform was open the public, but only if that member of the public was also a member of the SEIU. No non-union members of the public need apply.

I wonder how many of those SEIU members were even residents in Congresswoman Kathy Castor's district?


An interesting point brought up today during the Meet The New Press radio show: Obama says he'll fix the health care system in the US. But there isn't a national health care system to fix. It is the states that regulate the various health insurance carriers and medical providers. If Obama gets his way he will wrest control away from the states and turn it over the the ever more inefficient and bloated federal bureaucracy. Do we really want that to happen?


There will be more to follow.

A big tip of the hat to Instapundit for the links I've consolidated here.

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