Tax Day Tea Party In Manchester, New Hampshire

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Like quite a few of my fellow Granite Staters, I attending the Tax Day Tea Party in Manchester late this afternoon It didn't take long for me to locate Doug and Skip of GraniteGrok once I got there. There was no mistaking their location, with their tents set up along 'blogger' row. Doug was set up to record video of rants by some of the attendees of the Tea Party.

While 700 were expected at the venue, I'm guesstimating that more than 3 times that number were there with us at Victory Park. (I counted out 100 people in a given area and then eyed the rest of the park and that's how I came up with my number. Then again, I started counting about a half hour before the event and more people showed up after I counted.)

And now for some pictures:

Tea Party Manchester020a.jpg
Many of those attending had a similar belief.

(More pictures "below the fold.")

Tea Party Manchester019a.jpg
One main reason we're here. She doesn't need to be paying off our debt.

Tea Party Manchester011a.jpg
At least we didn't see any of the Obama faithful at the party....

Tea Party Manchester010a.jpg
One of my favorite signs at the protest. Check out his shirt!

Tea Party Manchester016a.jpg
A personal message to Nancy Pelosi

Tea Party Manchester008a.jpg
One half of the GraniteGrok Team with his lovely missus. GraniteGrok was one of the sponsors of the Tax Day Tea Party in Manchester

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